Body Treatments

Ultratone (Futura Pro)

Ultratone – The bioenergy multi system ideal for face and body shaping solutions. It uses multi energizing waveforms and impulses to lift, tone, firm and shape targeted areas. 

Basic Treatment £48.00
30 minutes
Course of 6 £274.00
Course of 12 £519.00
Course of 18 £735.00
Basic Treatment £55.00
45 minutes
Course of 6 £314.00
Course of 12 £594.00
Course of 18 £842.010

Press - O - Therapy

Press-o-Therapy is a pleasant lymphatic drainage treatment and deep relaxation which helps to relieve leg problems such as localized oedema, heavy leg fatigue, cellulite and associated conditions.

Basic Treatment £48.00
Up to 40 minutes
Course of 6 £274.00
Course of 12 £519.00

Universal Contour Wrap

The world-famous Classic Body Wrap has been a favourite for over 25 years, due to its incredible instant inch loss results. Its powerful inch loss results are thanks to its natural Classic Clay Solution combined with specialist wrapping techniques.

The other benefits of this treatment include skin tightening, exfoliating, cleansing, and detoxifying.

Guaranteed inch loss in 2 hours £79.95
Course of 3 £235.00
Course of 6 £455.00

Body Treatments

All body treatments are designed and formulated to meet the client’s personal requirements.

Full Body Exfoliation £40.00
Full Body Massage £69.95
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage £69.95
Half Hour Aroma Massage £39.95
Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage
Back Deep Cleansing Treatment £59.95
Indian Head Massage £45.00
Ear Candle / Hopi £48.00