Ultratone (Futura Pro)

Multiple energizing waveforms and impulses to firm and tone face and body.

Our Prices:

  • Basic Treatment£40.00 
  • Course of 6£228.00 
  • Course of 12£432.60 
  • Course of 18£612.00 

Press - O - Therapy

Press-o-Therapy is a pleasant lymphatic drainage treatment and deep relaxation which helps to relieve leg problems such as localized oedema, heavy leg fatigue, cellulite and associated conditions.

Our Prices:

  • Up to 40 mins£40.00 
  • Course of 6£228.00 
  • Course of 12£432.00 

Universal Contour Wrap

Our Prices:

  • Guaranteed inch loss in 2 hours£79.00 
  • Course of 3£225.00 
  • Course of 6£430.00 

Body Treatments

All body treatments are designed and formulated to meet the client's personal requirements.

Our Prices:

  • Full Body Exfoliation£35.00 
  • Full Body Massage£57.00 
  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage£62.00 
  • Half Hour Aroma Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage£38.00 
  • Back Deep Cleansing Treatment£55.00 
  • Indian Head Massage£38.00 
  • Ear Candle / Hopi£45.00